Abroad Series: Chile

Ever have that urge to dance around a fire like you’re in the Inca Empire? Well you will once you listen to this tribal tech house track brought to you by Matanza! A producer from the country of my great grandfather, Matanza did not hesitate to shine the spotlight on the flute. Baila al ritmo!


Abroad Series: Greece

Okay so maybe you aren’t studying abroad in Greece, but if you’re heading there for the weekend, this will prep you! A fusion of traditional Greek style and modern hip-hop, play this on your cruise between islands. Let the daydreams of exotic Greek adventures begin!

Abroad Series: Belgium

Rumor has it you have to name one of Stromae’s songs to enter Belgium, so here is J.A.C.K’s remix of Ta Fête! The half-Belgian half-Rwandan prodigy is a huge hit over there, so be prepared to impress your new friends that you know who he is. Add this to your playlist, because it’s great listen for those train rides in between European cities!